With the passing of time, we can see a drastic change taking place, moving forward from the conventional approach to the new tech-savvy approach, we are learning and upskilling ourselves every day. One best thing which happened over the due course of time that we are very fortunate to witness is Remote Working. GOREWO provides us the diverse opportunities to explore and to work remotely.  

What do you understand by Remote Working? 

By not getting into too much detail, the short and sweet description is Working from anywhere at the ease of your comfort zone and beyond the geographical boundaries. Coming back to the major focus area, the roles are easily available for remote working are as follows:


IT Sector- From software engineer to Developer, Coding, Cloud computing, and many more desired roles as per the interest.

Finance- Accountant, Tax Consultant, Payroll, Investment, Stock Market, etc.

Education- From launching your courses to teaching online, conducting training batches, learning and development classes, etc.

Non-IT sector- Consultant, Human Resource, and People Management. Voice and Chat support, Data Entry, etc.

Project Management- Delivering and managing the whole process from strategizing to planning and successfully completing the Project.

Other than all these profiles, we are very well versed in the roles of Digital Marketing, Social Media handling, Content Writer, Data analysis, Designing, etc.


We have a never-ending list of the profiles, these all are the gist of the roles one can prefer and to get into more details we have amazing platforms which help us to explore what we are looking for. Remote working has now become the new normal and favorite of every individual, to help you find the desired role we have curated a platform GOREWO where you can register and find the relevant positions.