There has been a hullabaloo going around ever since experts made a prediction about AI replacing humans by 2030. AI gained momentum between the years 2011-2018 when huge companies started investing billions in AI startups. Does all this information feel too much to process? Let us start from the scratch.

AI known as Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence in machines which are designed to think like humans and impersonate their actions. This also means that any machine associated with human traits such as learning, solving problems etc is Artificial Intelligence. The companies started to invest billions in AI since it would bring a great deal of efficiency to the table and was a one time investment as compared to having an employee do the job. This is when it started threatening human careers. But in the beginning of this technological revolution, people didn’t thoroughly gauge the consequences of AI. Today, when we are in the times of fast paced living, where a machine or device eases out work in minutes that would have ideally taken hours for humans, a question arises that


Good or not, like a human cannot calculate with the accuracy that a computer can, even a computer cannot devise a creative plan like a human would. Having said that, an AI device can be programmed to have an IQ of a human and more but cannot have the same level of EQ. One cannot opt for therapy with a robot as it won’t be an empathetic or emotionally comforting session. A psychologist or a therapist cannot be replaced with AI since they will lack the core strength of therapy and treatment; that is emotional support. This just simply shows how there’s no comparing or threat between two things that are categorically different. Humans designed AI and we can at least consider the fact that humans create things to benefit themselves. There is no doubt that there are repercussions of creation and any change huge in nature comes with a curse. There are a few downsides to AI and AI Robots but there’s so many newer opportunities that it brings along.


Here are a few reasons showing how AI is more of a friend than a threat and how it is designed to help us.


AI can’t add creativity

There is a constant debate that AI will completely take over humans and humans will take a major hit on their careers but here’s the thing. AI can most definitely bring the efficiency, productivity and accuracy, it cannot bring the creativity brought by humans. AI is programmed in a way that it meets specific goals and does the job but any work expected beyond that programming won’t be fulfilled since the device is not programmed to function like that. AI technology cannot come up with creative plans or ideas out of the box. It can solely target upon the technicalities and meet the goals.There needs to be a strong realisation that there is a parameter and constraints that these AI technologies are designed around and anything beyond it is as useless as it gets. AI Robots can have traits of the human mind and can probably even function partially like it as it has been programmed like one but it cannot be a human mind. Our minds are a wide source of endless ideas that we ourselves are still unaware about and no technology can take away the creativity we have within. It's on us how we discover it and put it to use and benefit ourselves with it.


AI has paved ways for opportunities

People talking about AI replacing jobs or humans have never acknowledged how many opportunities AI has brought for people. Today we can bring remote working culture to life with the help of AI. Who would have thought that they could avail job opportunities beyond their country or even at home, check Gorewo job listings to avail such opportunities . It still comes as a surprise to our parents that social media offers us jobs as influencers, content creators and people earn real money through it. It all sounded dreamy and even absurd to many a decade back. But AI has made impossible things possible. It has changed the course of work, opportunities, income rate, efficiency and so much more. There is a whole new sector of digital marketers, social media managers, content curators that earn in six figures and may seem unbelievable especially to the older generation. If this isn't a benefit but a threat then you’re definitely incorrectly influenced. We cannot emphasise on how much we acknowledge the career damage caused by AI technologies but every growing phase comes with a calculated loss and what counts is how much it’s really benefiting us instead of affecting us.

AI cannot replace authenticity brought by humans

 There are AI articles discussing how even doctors will be replaced by AI robots and how they will perform operations in less time than a doctor would. Although it seems hard to believe it can be possible. The technology can be designed in a manner that it would actually perform these operations but can we even begin to think how much it would cost us. Even if we keep the cost factor aside there is so much a robot cannot do. A robot would never treat the patient’s family with the empathy a real doctor would, a robot cannot have a tone of comfort even if it is programmed to say things that are comforting. A comfort that a patient gets when someone tells them it will be okay cannot be the same when a robot would say that. Besides all of this even after so much development/ progress life would seem so hollow. We are social animals and we seek for empathy regardless of how much we overlook its need and AI cannot bring that authenticity no matter how it's programmed. A human can work on itself for years to function as brilliantly as a machine but cannot be one and it's the same with machines trying to act like humans, they cannot be one. And that is our power. 



AI has taken away repetitive tasks

Humans have always been in the evolving stage where they’re finding ways to be a better version of themselves as well as improve their skills. We have seen the amount of effort one puts in their respective jobs and how much accuracy it demands. We come from a time where office records used to be on hard copy filled in writings by humans and now we are in the time where data is collected on CRM and other data collecting softwares. AI has taken away repetitive tasks that make more room for humans to focus on growth and creative ideas or master their skill. It gives humans the opportunity to invest their time on other things and free themselves from the monotonous schedule that came with these repetitive tasks. When a company invests in AI, it in return does a favour on the employee and their schedule for the month and this in return benefits the companies as they can utilise that time for building better relationships with the employees. This can improve loyalty of the employee and their dedication towards their monthly targets since they can focus efficiently without getting caught up in stagnancy.


Although we will see a rise in AI technologies in the near future it is going to be difficult for it to completely replace us. But we cannot be laidback about its consequences since that isn’t going to benefit us in any way. What we can try to do in times like these is that we can polish our existing skills. Life is all about growing and becoming a better version of who you are each day and now are the times where we focus on being better and developing that skill each day. We need to realise that what we create by ourselves cannot be replaced or formed by anybody else but only copied. We should focus upon creating something of our own, develop a creative skill because creativity and our skills is all we got. We all have a creator inside us; it's on us how we unleash it and put it to practice. We are humans and what we make is always intended to favour us. We have to realise our powers as a human, the authenticity we bring to our work, the personalised touch to what we create or serve, the knowledge we put to practice fusing it with our creative minds and most importantly the emotions we have. A robot can never make something feel emotional or give a personalised touch to what it does and this power resides in our pockets. Let us look at AI from the perspective of how much it helps us with our efficiency and bringing out better results when clubbed with the skills of humans instead of looking at it as a threat or competition. It is made by us and it is made for us and we should decide how we make the best use of it. Today, AI has given you the opportunity to work remotely and we hope you make the best use of it. See what Gorewo has in store for you and your skillful mind.