About Gorewo
Are all the jobs on Gorewo work from home?
Remote working means you get to choose your workspace. It’s not just restricted to work from home but you can decide if you want to work in a cafe, co-working space, holiday home, etc. Work from home job offers are also considered to be job opportunities within the boundaries of your country or state but remote working brings you opportunities from beyond these boundaries. One of the prime advantages hence is the currency difference.
Does Gorewo guarantee that I’ll get hired?
No, Gorewo doesn’t take complete guarantee of getting hired by the companies. Gorewo is a platform to make two ends meet and bring the best for both companies as well as candidates. There will be a hiring process run by Gorewo that will further shortlist the candidates for the companies, but the final selection resides in the hands of the organisation and Gorewo has no role in influencing it. Hence whatever offer you receive will be based on your final performance during the interview period with the organisation.
How is Gorewo different from others?
Gorewo is a one stop global platform for people to find remote job opportunities beyond geographical boundaries. It’s one of its kind in Indian market that offers you a diverse range of job options and also a fruitful platform for the companies since they have a wide range of applications coming from all corners of the world. Gorewo stands different in terms of the benefits it offers to both the candidates and the companies. We strive to bring you full time remote job opportunities so that you can work at your own comfort zone.
Is Gorewo an employment agency or recruiting service?
No, Gorewo is neither an employment agency nor a recruiting service. It’s a global platform for candidates to find relevant job listings from different parts of the world and companies to find fresh talents beyond geographic dimensions. We strive to bridge the gap between candidates and companies by actively offering remote working culture.
What if my question isn't answered here?
Remote working is a fairly new working culture in India and it’s natural to have queries about the same. We have a Chatbot for your instant assistance with all the queries you have. If your queries are not solved via Chatbot or FAQs, you can contact us at support@gorewo.com.
For Candidate
Are all the jobs posted are remote jobs?
Yes, it’s an exclusive remote job portal that brings in job opportunities beyond your country’s boundaries. We believe in promoting a new way of work culture with newer opportunities.
Do I have to pay to see the full job listings?
No, you do not have to pay to see full job listings that are relevant to your job profile. All you have to do is register yourself with quick easy steps and upload your CV to always stay up-to-date with new offers uploaded on Gorewo.
Do I have to work for a specific period compulsorily?
Yes, candidate is liable to continue in service with employer atleast one month from the date of joining.
Does Gorewo assure me a job?
No, Gorewo does not commit jobs to any candidates. However, our system and services constantly work in order to bring the best and relevant job opportunities to put your skills to use.
How can I apply for jobs?
After having uploaded your resume your profile will automatically be created. On the basis of the industry and job category mentioned by you during profile creation the recommended jobs will be flashing on your screen, all what you have to do is just tap on apply button and you're good to go.
How can I rank my application on top?
If your application complies with the requirements mentioned on the job post and you apply as soon as the job is listed on the site, the chances of your application to rank higher increases. So make sure you apply as soon as you see a relevant job and your skills matching for the same.
How can I update my existing profile on Gorewo?
You can update your profile by selecting the ‘Edit Profile’ option from the side menu in the dashboard after logging in with your registered username and password.
How do I apply for jobs on Gorewo?
You just have to make sure you’ve uploaded your updated CV and you are good to go. You will find a list of remote job offers that are highly relevant to what you are looking for and apply for the most suitable option for you.
How do I take down my profile?
You may request us by writing “Take down my profile” at support@gorewo.com from your registered email id and we will deactivate your profile.
How will a candidate get paid?
Gorewo intends to keep a completely secured experience for both companies as well as candidates. Once you have cleared the final round of interview held with the organisation, you will discuss the mode of payment directly with the company. This is done to ensure a seamless experience for you.
If I am living abroad, can I apply for a job outside my country?
Yes. The whole purpose of remote working is to break barriers of geographic boundaries and explore new avenues outside your country. You will face no restriction about where you’re working for and where the company is located for whom you choose to work. An unavoidable benefit that comes with this is the currency difference.
Will I get an alert every time there’s a new relevant job posted?
Yes you will receive a notification on your mail and on your profile with a list of recommended and recent jobs. However, you can turn off the notification in your notification settings and unsubscribe the mail alerts.
For Employers
Are there any charges if I hire from Gorewo?
Register yourself with Gorewo and checkout the charges. For further queries, contact us on support@gorewo.com
Can I post jobs that are not remote jobs?
No, Gorewo is a platform that intends to bridge the gap between the companies and the potential talent by blurring out all the geographical boundaries. Hence, Gorewo remains a remote job portal.
How do I post my Job?
As an employer, you can post a job by selecting the ‘Create Jobs’ option from the side menu in the employer dashboard after logging in with your registered username and password.
How do I take down my job listing?
You can deactivate the job listing by writing "Take down my job listing" to us at support@gorewo.com
How long will the hiring process take?
We can't guarantee the exact time span because it will depend on the company for how much time do they take to evaluate the candidate. This is done to ensure the eligibility and how skilled the candidate is for the job profile they are applying.
How will remote working benefit my organisation?
Remote working is a culture that ensures benefits to both ends. It will bring you a fresh set of talent for your organisation to choose from. You will have a refined list of applications after Gorewo runs its hiring process and filters out relevant and talented candidates for you. This will be time saving for the organisations since the hiring process will be taken care of by the Gorewo team. Click here to find out benefits of remote working for the organisations.
Is there any package Gorewo commits to the candidate on behalf of the company?
No, any monetary commitment taking place between the company and the candidate remains between them to assure a secured and seamless experience for both ends. Hence, Gorewo does not commit any package on behalf of the company.

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