"Curating ways to provide equal opportunities to all the skilful minds in order to bridge gaps between companies and talent heads on a global level."

Gorewo is a one-stop global platform that offers diverse remote job opportunities with companies that go beyond geographic boundaries. We also provide a platform for conducting instant remote hiring process through Artificial Intelligence to shortlist the candidates via interview rounds and get refined talent for the companies that partner with us. Alongside we also conduct the background verification process of the selected candidates and take up the payroll management for the organisations. With institute affiliations, we strive to bring out fresh and relevant set of talent directly from the respective institutes. Rest assured, we intend to provide a seamless experience for both the candidates and the companies. Times are changing, let's change the way of working too.

Founders Message

"Just like most people after graduation, I started hunting for jobs on endless job portals, applying for all sorts of job opportunities, including offers outside our country. The urge to get somewhere better with my career even convinced me to move outside my own country. But during covid 19 pandemic it gave me a major boost and made me realise that we can build a platform and bring the revenue in the country rather than moving out of here. The sole motive to bring Gorewo to life is to not have another person like me ever feel the need to step out of their country to make their ends meet and provide equal opportunities to everyone. Gorewo is the platform that I and many of you think of, which will enable you to bring in the advantage of currency difference and make job hunting as well as hiring candidates a seamless process. Times are changing, let's change the way of working too."                                              

                                                                    - Founder, Harsh Parmar

Why us?

We at Gorewo, intend to bring no restrictions regardless of where you live and which organisation you work.

We have seen the work culture change dramatically over the past decade. We have seen people move out of the country to make extra benefits to meet lifestyle goals. But what if we said no more? What if we told you that you can make your home your office no matter who you work for? Yes, you read it right! We are offering you opportunities regardless of you being a fresher or not, with no geographical boundaries at the comfort of your home. Now you can stay home and bring in foreign currencies with a wide scope of job opportunities and have our support team to serve your queries. And for the employers, we ensure to bring refined talent as we take complete responsibility of the remote hiring process to make your experience smoother with Gorewo. Also, we will always be on a scout for fresh and relevant talent to bring you the finest of the candidates out there.

Bringing you a global platform with a wide range of remote job opportunities so you stay a step ahead in your career at all times.
Bring your ambitions to life with Gorewo!

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