Candidate Testimonials

  • Bhautik Parmar

    Gorewo hiring process is very smooth, Recruiters are very helpful from start to end hiring process. They help me to land me a good offer. I am very

    Bhautik Parmar

  • Kaushal Kumar

    Gorewo is a wonderful platform for job seekers, the process went very smooth and thank you for helping me get my new job.

    Kaushal Kumar

Company Testimonials

  • Rajnish Chauhan

    We are happy with the services and the quality of the candidates Gorewo team is providing us against the open positions. The candidates are generally right match as expected as per the Job Description. Thanks for your support and looking forward for similar services in future.

    Rchilli Inc.
  • Ronak Bagadia

    Gorewo has helped us hire the most relevant candidates in a very quick turn around time. We enjoyed their services and the quick response for the support team. We are looking forward to close down many more openings in future with the help of gorewo platform.

    Stymeta Technologies
  • Pooja Yadav

    Great experience working with Gorewo and its services. We have been able to receive very good and relevant profiles as per our requirements. Thank you for your quick and kind response.

  • Nikita  Agrawal

    Gorewo is a good platform to source various profile. Great connecting with them.

  • Akshat Vora

    Gorewo Platform is surely helpful in recruiting the best talent from the market. We have been able to receive very good and relevant profiles for our opening in no time. The coordinators from Gorewo platform are always available for any help. It is fast, and a very reliable platform for sourcing the right talent.

    Talent Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gaurav Arya

    People at Gorewo are highly dedicated. I truly believe Gorewo has great potential to grow.

  • Gouri Gore

    Gorewo is a great platform and it helped my recruitment team to get qualified and potential candidates in no time!! Thank you to the team for helping us throughout the process.