It’s needless to state that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected all areas of life globally. It’s been about a year since we found out that we were dealing with a pandemic situation and a lot has changed since then. While all the countries are trying their best to find a proper vaccine for this disease, they are also trying to find ways to cope with the way this situation has affected the economy in their respective nations, as well as on a global scale. To understand this situation better we need to take a look at the severity of the impact it has caused on various working sectors. A lot of people engaged in careers such as hospitality, airlines, real estate, textile, etc have faced major setbacks due to the lockdown and especially after it being reimposed in some states. Whereas, there are also a number of working sectors that remained unaffected by the lockdown and who have been able to adapt to this unpredictable scenario by the means of ‘Work from home’ or ‘Remote working’

Effects of Pandemic on Working Sectors.

If all economies are opened up soon and things could come back to normal, and if a vaccine is found soon, then the economy will continue to gradually recover to pre-pandemic levels with new job vacancies. But if Covid cases continue to escalate then it may lead to market volatility and hamper the partial recovery in economic indicators we have seen in the recent months. 

Also, some fundamental behavioural changes are expected as a result of the pandemic, with offices looking at their structure, and what percentage of manpower can work from home. Big technology companies have said that they will shift a certain number of employees to working from home. So the acceptance of work from home is going to rise, that is a change that we are likely to see going forward. Along with this, digitisation is becoming a norm, as more and more industries are looking to go digital. For example, The insurance industry is now looking at new digital modes of doing business. As this happens, some sectors such as travel/tourism/entertainment will be impacted in the short term, and commercial real estate could see a shortage of demand because of work from home and the economic slowdown. The broader trend is that digitisation will be the key trend and it will be accepted more, going forward. Amidst this mind wrecking economical situation, the youth as well as elder working groups are facing one big question i.e. What field will work unaffected or suitable in times like these? How can we overlook this pandemic situation and make our ends meet?


Here we are, stating some working sectors that have already been able to strategically work a way around the setbacks of this pandemic, adapting to the newer working culture aspects :- 



Online education, tutoring, web courses, etc. have come up to be the need of the hour when schools and educational institutions are not allowed to function. Irreplaceable, the online education sector is observing a sudden surge and people from all walks of life, from every COVID-19 affected nations, are looking up to alternatives of conventional teaching and learning.

People are afraid to send their kids and children to places where social distancing cannot be practiced and hence the Ed-tech sector is tapping on every possible entity they can. Also, which is convenient, holistic and more sustainable for the time until we have a permanent cure for COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Art and Creativity

As far as humans remain to be alive in this physical and creatively growing world, our chances to run out of ways to earn are slim. We surely have hit a pause but we can always channelise our skills and artistic self into better use. The world has seen artists of all forms keep the people around the world grounded in such disturbing times and that itself is the strongest reason to put the question on our art to rest. Dive in deeper to the artistic or creative self and find something that will help you earn. Creation and art sees no age and there is no restricted time to create something. Painting, Sketching, Best out of waste, or any kind of creation can bring you the response you didn’t expect, it’s all about the first step you make. 



3. Med Tech and Mental Health.

This sector has been rapidly growing for years now and pandemic has turned to be in favour of this sector. There are a wide range of apps with certified and trusted doctors on board that helps you assist with medications and treatments online. There are nominal charges quoted by these platforms but ensure a safe treatment. This sector has seen growth during the times of covid when people expected minimum or no contact with health care staff to ensure safety. There’s also mental health specialists or psychologists that have actively started to offer their services online via zoom calls, google meet, to ensure mental health doesn’t take a hit. The true power of the internet and the ease it offers has been put to brilliant use by services related to health issues. 

4.   E- commerce and delivery based sector 

It has become quite unsafe to gather at public places such as grocery markets, restaurants and many such public service chains due to the pandemic situation. This has enabled various E-commerce and delivery based sectors to step in and provide people with essential as well as non essential goods at their door steps with proper safety measures being carried out. These services ensured hygiene and comfort at home for the consumers and also avoided more people coming out of their houses in the times when the nationwide lockdown was strictly imposed. Even people who used to refrain from using such services are slowly adapting to the new ways of procuring goods and even services through apps such as swiggy, zomato, urban clap, etc. 

5. Advertising agencies  

Many industries are adapting to the way of digitisation as it not only helps companies push through the visibility factor but also provides them with precise statistics, analytics and honest feedback from their consumers. Similarly advertising is now gradually moving towards online platforms as opposed to using the means of the traditional media. This means newer job opportunities for various positions such as graphic illustrators, content writers, copywriters, brand strategists and so on. A lot of ad agencies have also adopted the means of remote working and have ensured that big companies do not go out of business even in such uncertain times. They have also enabled other working sectors to get a broader perspective on the newer working culture by sustaining productivity and offering a range of job vacancies. It is definitely one of the sectors that remained unaffected during the pandemic with promising careers to look forward to even after taking a small hit in the beginning of the lockdown. If you believe that you're fit for relevant job roles in an agency, make sure you check out job listings by Gorewo to start off your career.



6. Web developers and designers 

Although things were looking pretty uncertain a few months ago, a lot of people around the world have altered their professions and shifted to building small time businesses of their own. One of the most crucial things that need specialization of work includes how a brand or it’s business is presented to its audience, a lot of which is done via their website. There are plenty of opportunities to work as a web developer, Ui/Ux specialist, graphic illustrators etc as these businesses need such services to maximize reach in limited resources. Many big time companies such as Adobe, Facebook, Infosys, Microsoft, Paypal etc have also asked their employees to carry out their jobs remotely due to the Covid-19 crisis. Web development and designing is the task that can be carried out from any place once the developer or designer is given clear guidance about the expected work and hence, these two job roles are still in huge demand due to the flexibility of the work performed by them and also the vital role they play in any business that needs to go digital.

7. Essential services  

It is needless to mention that the sector that remained the most unaffected during the pandemic was the essential services sector. In fact these were our warriors that played an extremely crucial role in stepping out into the front line and ensuring our basic necessities were met as and when possible. The list of essential services doesn’t only restrict to policemen, doctors and government officials etc, it also includes many small time businesses such as food joints, making of affordable masks, steam machines, kadhas ( a herbal mix of various spices and other natural items that improve our body’s immunity), etc. Many people around the world have found new opportunities to bank on by running their homegrown endeavours and providing for others.

8. Telecommunication / Customer Service Representative

If you are looking for a quick fix, telecommunication will play to be your saviour. Telecommunication for years has been the most remote way of working since the clients are based in all parts of the world and yet the services are provided by the organisations efficiently. Since the system is designed in a way to evaluate performance of its employees actively, Covid-19 pandemic or work from home barely affected the productivity or the performance of these organisations. Telecommunication has been a great source of positive income and with its designed technology to ensure productivity, it is one sector that remains widely unaffected by the nation wide lockdown. 



Yet again life has proven its uncertainty and how we humans have to adapt to the hardship that comes with it to make the best for ourselves. Covid-19 pandemic has helped us see the world and the opportunities it offers from a wider scope and help us gauge our abilities besides what we have been skilled to perform. The world has seen a small strain of virus disrupt the ways that the world works, changed the idea of jobs, and basically changed the course of life. Little or very less dependency can help us lead our careers or life and have complete liberty for the same. For example, this pandemic taught us that efficiency in business can be maximised even if the employees don’t report to the office. Remote working or work from home can bring a sense of loyalty and dedication that wasn’t experienced before. There’s still a huge set of candidates scouting for job offers, experimenting in different fields of work to see what’s suiting them the best and we hope this article helps you understand the current market condition and which field remains unaffected. Make sure you visit Gorewo job listing to see if you can find a job worth your time and effort and give a great start to your career after this long pause caused by Covid. Wishing you all luck for your future endeavours.