About the Employer
  • IT
  • Bangalore Urban,Karnataka
Annual Salary
INR 1800000 - INR 2400000

Job Description

? Ownership to design, implement, and maintain the infrastructure for the Locus platform
hosted across multiple hosting providers like AWS and Azure across the world

? Develop and maintain our in-house Jenkins setup. We currently have all our Jenkins job
as code but it is not optimal. One of the things we do on regular basis is to refactor our
Jenkins code set up to become more optimal.

? Maintain the Locus cloud infrastructure currently on AWS, Aliyun & GCP. Move the current
cloud infrastructure to code over time. We have started with migrating our Cloudwatch
alarms to code. We will slowly migrate our entire setup to code.

? Work with developers to optimize applications for performance and scale. This will
include debugging the infra setup for potential issues like memory exhaustion etc. In the
past, we had tweaked our binary provisioning to optimize for memory & cpu usage as per
the virtual machine specs.

Must Haves

? 2+ years of experience as a DevOps engineer, in a product company.
? Prior expertise in maintaining cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, or GCP.
? Prior experience with CI/CD tool like Jenkins. Other tools apart from Jenkins would do
? Experience in infrastructure as Code tools like CloudFormation, Terraform etc is a huge
? Prior experience working with monitoring tools like Cloudwatch.

Key Skills



Bangalore Urban,Karnataka,India