Remote work is beneficial for both the employees as well as employers. This is the reason behind the companies are adopting work from home Policies which can boost employee productivity and have low cost to maintain the organization. Also, this is beneficial idea at the time of disaster when organization can run online the whole set-up.

Gorewo will provide you ultimate guide to work from home and make your job experience easy and feasible. 


How to work effectively from Home

If you are working remotely from home, you must ensure that work from home set-up must adhere according to your requirements whether it is few days per week or full-time. So, you must have right technology that are of videoconferencing, childcare arrangements, and pet- care and some time for social contact.

Here are some tips and strategies for telecommuting:


Know the ground rules

As an employee you must be aware of timings of the job, flexibility of the hours and accessibility to public wi-fi. Also, about the technologies that are needed to be used such as Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Trello. You also need to know about passcodes, network access and instructions for the remote login.  You should try and check everything in advance before working.



Set up a Functional workspace

You must need to have a separate workstation where you will be working. This space can only be used for the work for Personal use. It will be a sought of home-office.


Get the internet speed you need

Internet and wi-fi broadband are the key element require for your work. You need high-speed network; you can adopt these tricks like moving near to wi-fi router which can help you switch to the internet. Else you need dongles and cable to connect your laptop to the router. You can check the feasibility of websites at


Download Apps

Different apps are needed for remote work, as require making international calls, daily calls So these apps will help you in that process, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts through which you can make less expensive telephonic calls around the globe.


Minimize Distractions

Some technologies such as noise-cancelling headphones can make you focus on your work. Planning an advance schedule so that you can work quietly.

Get Outside

You may feel alone by staring outside the mirror and working on the same long projects consistently. So, you can plan lunch date or an exercise class to connect to the outside world.


Where are the Remote Jobs?

Due to global pandemic, advanced technology has encouraged businesses especially of most of all fields to create more work- from home opportunities. There are variety of jobs available in the market including of hybrid, remote and flexible jobs. Most of the companies has opened the job opportunities. You can find remote work in Computer, IT, healthcare, finance, accounting, training, marketing sectors.


Remote Friendly Firms

Most of the employees prefer work from home jobs, so here are coming with these openings.

  • Broad Path:  Industry: Outsourcing
  • Sykes: Industry: Customer Service
  • SAP: Industry: Enterprise Software
  • Varsity Tutors:  Industry: Education
  • Dell Technologies: Industry Technology


Other Remote opportunities

Many of the remote opportunities have come in limelight. It has open doors for the freelancers and business owners. Many of the opening are of entry level task such as:-


1.Virtual Assistants

They offer conventional task such as email management, appointment scheduling, data-entry, bookkeeping, client contact


2. Translators

People who know more languages this job is for them where they need to translate files and documents and conference calls.


3. Customer service Representatives

It requires good communication skills and able to manage inbound and outbound calls and help the customer with orders.


4. Data Entry and Transcription

It involves entering facts and managing spreadsheets such as payrolls, inventory items. It involves creating documentation of workshops, meetings, and podcasts.



Tips to Combat the Drawbacks of work at home Life


With the flexibility of work hours, setting your hours, operating according to your terms and conditions there comes some drawbacks for all types of employees Here are three tips to help strike a healthy balance : -

1.Stick to your work Schedule

Pandemic has changed the idea of working home is means working.  You have distractions also to maintain your personal life with 9 to 5 schedule. On the positive side, children see you working will have positive effect on their future choices and have positive attitude towards work from childhood.


2. Beware of workaholic tendencies

People prefer work from home because of the flexibility of the work hours and efficiency that is why most people go for work from home jobs. Even many employees find themselves working for more hours, daily meetings, even they must work at weekends and nights. Many professionals they pot for working on hourly basis and charging accordingly that is most suitable to them they call it “billable hours”.


3. Don’t bet on saving money

You don’t think that you are saving lot of money by not commuting daily, managing at casual attire. You must give expense of setting of office in home such as laptop, printer, wi-fi, cellphones, software, and business services. 



Working from home can be exciting, empowering and even profitable to you it also has pros and cons. It comes with the responsibilities of working with discipline and focus.

Gorewo provides these opportunities to work remotely from home with better ultimate guide you can refer to for more tips you can Register with our website to get better opportunities.