SEO Specialists must be good problem solvers and decision-makers. They should also have a good ability to recognize and prioritize what content will be relevant and engaging to the audience.

We are looking for an SEO specialist who can monitor algorithms, select the right keywords, improve our networks and optimize the search results of the brand.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Keyword research- Selection of right keywords and employing them effectively.
  • Content Strategy- Plan how to use organizational resources to produce valuable results.
  • Social Network Reach- Improving the size of social networks to reach potential customers.
  • Social Media Promotion- Managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Quora for better reach.
  • Link Building- Tracking and acquiring link opportunities.
  • Reputation Tracking- Monitoring and optimizing search results of the brand.


Qualifications and educational required

  • Strong knowledge of SEO
  • Experience with SEO and data mining tools
  • Understanding of SEO algorithms and ranking methods
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Familiarity with WordPress or other content management systems
  • Able to manage customer growth and promotions
  • Comfortable analyzing a high volume of data on a daily basis


Preferred Skills

  • Technical and programming skills
  • Data skills
  • Analytics skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Social skills


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