The COVID-19 pandemic has opened a new door to working by providing remote working opportunities. You can work from anywhere and anytime. You do not need to commute or relocate for the job. Remote working is the new normal and future of work. 

With the boom of digitalization and technology, it has become easy to work from anywhere and anytime. And if you do not want to lose your job and want to survive in the market, you should know different useful tools and learn them.

Whether you are old or a new employee in any sector, if you are well skilled and qualified, it becomes very easy to find a remote job.

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Best Remote Work Tools That You Should Learn

1.Microsoft teams

 Microsoft Teams is a collaboration application. It is developed to stay in connection with colleagues and friends and regular updates. It keeps you informed, organized and connected- on one platform only. You can have a group or personal space. You can assign tasks, share documents and relevant information, and also chat.

2. Google Hangouts

Google hangouts allow you to chat, voice calls, or video calls. You can either download this app or access it through Gmail. Its features are more customized. It will help you in connecting and collaborating with your clients and colleagues.

3. Slack 

Slack is a messaging app which provides you with customized features. In this, you can create groups or privately send messages to your clients or peers. It allows you to set reminders for messages, and track documents. Nowadays it is widely used by corporates and is a most powerful messaging app.

4. Trello

Trello allows you to organize your projects. You can create multiple boards for your project and make a customized list of them. You can track your project’s progress. It allows users to upload files, assign cards to members and add comments. In remote working you cannot look towards the work of your peer at the same time, here you can track the progress report of your team members easily.

5. AnyDesk

Anydesk is a remote access application that allows you to access someone’s PC by sharing a code. The tool provides you best quality of video and speed. In remote working, Anydesk is a helpful tool as you cannot see ones working, with Anydesk, and you can easily detect any mistake and rectify it.

6. Toggl

Time Management is an important factor when you are working remotely. A task is useful only when it gets completed on time. In remote working, with the help of Toggl, you can easily track the timing with just one click. You can track clients’ performance and different projects. It is also possible to create a workspace for different teams.

7. Zoom 

With the outbreak of pandemic, Zoom has become the new office for the employees. It is the most used application in remote work. It allows you your audio, video, screen and chats options. It also allows you to record the screen, and whiteboard for writing and drawing and you can also schedule calls in advance. The free version of Zoom allows you to organize a meeting of the duration of up to 40 minutes with up to 50 people.

8. Whiteboard 

Whiteboard is an app which works as a blackboard. You can use a whiteboard in virtual meetings. Virtual representation makes understanding easier. Whiteboards are easy to use, you can draw with a free hand and can also use different shapes, lines, colours, etc.



These are some tools which will make you’re your remote work easier and more convenient. Remote work tools help you in collaborating, communicating, scheduling and tracking the work with your team and clients. This is a small list of digital tools for remote work, which you should learn to perform well and stay updated in the remote work culture.

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