Changes in the nature of work that have been overwhelming the globe offer both new opportunities and new challenges and risks for countries, employers, workers, and especially governments. The globalization of markets, allied with dramatic advances in information and telecommunications technologies, now makes it increasingly possible to disaggregate a whole range of services into successive upstream-downstream stages. 

The emergence of ICTs during the last 10 years has made it possible for businesses to implement a broad transformation in the geographic distribution of a wide variety of work activities and functions across the globe, and, for the first time, to locate the processing of services not requiring direct physical customer interface at a distance from their consumption. The services, functions and tasks can now be distributed and carried out consecutively in separate locations in different countries where the requisite skills and expertise are available.

So you’ve decided to work from your comfortable hometown in a new, exciting location. Gorewo can help you out in this situation. Here are the top 10 countries welcoming remote workers:



The amazing fact about the country is that it offers a digital nomad visa for remote workers who want to get out and see the world while still maintaining their source of income. However, the interested candidates will need to ensure that their skills are required in the country.



Estonia launched its new Digital Nomad Visa in August 2020. The visa will allow remote workers to live and work in Estonia for up to a year.



Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has developed a special 12-month visa for remote workers for up to a year, which means you can relocate yourself, live and work here for up to a year. 



This country has designed a new visa programme for remote workers who are looking to stay and work in the country for six months or even longer. Those who wish to apply will have to earn a minimum of $2000 a month to be able to pay taxes while living in Georgia.



This country has also come up with its new visa program where the remote workers along with their families can stay in a city for up to a year and also work remotely for the companies. If your visa gets approved, you will have lots of benefits. You will be allowed to open a local bank account, get internet access, have a local phone number, and even enroll kids in school.



It has also launched a new residency certificate policy. Interested candidates must not be less than 18 years old, should have handed over proof of employment, and health insurance, and be able to provide sufficient means of a continuous source of income, as per the rules of the Bermuda government.



It has new residency policies which are for remote workers and freelancers. The freelance visa will be for 3 months, which can be converted into a residency permit later on. Candidates must show proof of income, letters of recommendation from previous employers, and travel insurance.



The Spanish government provides visas to remote workers, so you won’t have to sneak your folders of important spreadsheets across the borders. This country is very safe and LGBTQ-friendly. WFH workers who spend some time in Spain can get work done during the day and immerse themselves in Spanish culture.



Romania is also a great place to live and work remotely. This country may be a better remote work destination for people who prefer to settle into traditional life in a small village. Romania provides high-quality internet service, a low cost of living, and budget-friendly long-term apartment rentals.



This country is famous for the role it plays in the tech industry, and that is reflected in Japan’s remote work score, which is determined based on internet speed and the availability of remote work visas and co-working spaces.



While moving abroad to work remotely for a few months or years satisfies many people’s excursion, others are looking to make a more permanent change by retiring in another country. 

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