Career advancement opportunities are the way to retain employees and contribute to their development. Whenever a new change happens in the environment, it affects the functioning of businesses. And adaption of new takes time. With the outbreak of Covid-19, a new way of working is introduced, Remote working. Many companies are struggling to provide career development to employees working remotely. Remote working is the new normal, companies are adapting it slowly and gradually as this is the future of working.

While employees are struggling in remote working regarding isolation, boredom, technology, etc. So, companies must contribute to the career development of their employees. Employers’ investment in the career advancement of employees boosts the commitment and morale of the employees as it shows that the employer is interested in employees, and intention to retain them and career advancement gives options for future growth. Employers’ investment in the growth of employees is a win-win situation for both employers and employees. It helps to attract new talent, and retention and helps employees in growth and development.

Tips through which you can contribute to the training and development of your employees in online mode-

1.Take regular feedback

When your employees are working remotely, you cannot meet them face to face and get their reviews and their situation. To keep connected with them you have to take regular feedback from them, review their goals and see what needs to be modified. Many employees may be using online platforms like WebEx, Zoom, Meet, teams, and Slack for the first time, so their feedback is important.  Feedbacks help you know the gaps in employees’ performance and help you analyze the requirements of your employees and increase their performance level.

2. Provide virtual learning sessions

Remote working relies on technology. And technology is dynamic, it keeps on changing, so the employer must keep the employees updated. The employer needs to provide virtual sessions to enhance their work to keep them updated and active. Get them aware of software and applications. Virtual learnings also include access to different resources like books, subscriptions and articles. Virtual workshops to teach them the company’s know-how and sessions to motivate them and keep them fit and active.

3. Enhance coordination and cooperation 

All the departments in an organization are interrelated and interdependent. Nowadays companies are promoting diversity and inclusion. But, in remote work, it is very difficult to ensure coordination and cooperation among different departments. To bridge the gap and ensure coordination, the employer has to play the role of intermediary, to promote coordination and cooperation. It also encourages empathy among employees.

4. Encourage Soft skills development

Soft skills like communication, technological know-how, writing skills, etc. should be promoted by the employers to enhance the skills and personality of the employees. Soft skills play an important role in remote working. This is the major requirement to sustain remote working.

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5. Involve your employees

 Before implementing any change in the working of the organization, it is essential to involve the employees in the decision making or before implementing change. When employees are involved, they feel connected and learn confidence and feel that they are an important part of the organization. It boosts their morale to perform well and helps in retention, after all, they have to implement the change.

6. Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is the regular review of an employee’s job performance and contribution to a company. Performance appraisal allows you to provide positive feedback and helps in identifying the areas for improvement. With the help of a suitable performance appraisal method, you can create growth opportunities, improve the performance of employees, identify gaps and take corrective actions. This helps the organizations in improving their performance and achieving goals efficiently.

7. Invest in mental and physical health 

Empathize your employees, don’t pressurize them, motivate them to perform well. Provide a healthy and friendly work environment. Organize yoga, and motivational sessions, plan activities for a change and refresh their mood.

When employees get the support of their employers, they feel motivated and attached to the organization and perform their best to achieve the organizational goals. If the employer is working on the development of their employees, employees feel more inspired and work with more dedication.

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