What crosses your mind when we say job? 9-5? A desk and the system? Rushing to the office in jam-packed local trains? We all can surely relate to each other because we all must have definitely shared this experience once in our lives or we are still sharing it. Traditional ways of working have involved all of these daily hassles and more but we are obliged to do it for the sake of our lifestyles. We all took a sigh of relief when the world faced the pandemic together. A part of us was happy to be working in Pjs and not having to brush our hair before we sat before the system to work. It was everything we always wished for with our jobs and the love-hate relationship we shared with it. But we all knew that all good parties come to an end and so did the work from home when the situation got under control. But what if we told you that you didn’t need a pandemic to have this new way of working? Remote working brings you all this comfort that you have short-lived due to this pandemic. Don’t understand it? We got you!

Remote working is basically making the world your workplace. You can carry your work wherever you wish to go and get it done from any corner of the world online. By the beach, from your vacation home,co-working space, lazing around in your bed, in the backyard watching the sunset, literally anywhere. You can work remotely and earn full-time opportunities from any part of the world to work for organisations in any part of the world. Yes, you read it right. All these years you must have dreamt to work for some organisation that’s based out of your country and not being able to work for it since now is the time to bring that dream to life. Remote working has been widely accepted and some have been remotely working for decades and now it is becoming a common way of working. Some remote workers make the most benefit out of their working lifestyle as they can gauge what hours they can be most productive and design their schedule accordingly.

Here’s a quick take through for you to understand what great things remote working have in store for you as an employee as well as an employer.

Employees Perks with Remote Working.


Flexibility with Time: It is never enough to emphasise on the fact that remote working offers you time flexibility. If you look at the traditional way of working and the work hour it expects from you, you can barely save social hours for yourself. From overtiming to last minute meetings, office life squeezes out the space you deserve for yourself. You work for an entire week to earn weekends for yourself that flies off like hours spent napping. But with remote working you get all the benefits in the world. You get to choose what time works the best for you, you can introspect as to what hours keep you most productive to  meet your 5 hours goals in less than 3. You can schedule your days or weeks on the basis of your performance scale measured throughout the day and enjoy your time in between. You could make your Monday blues turn into a cozy comfortable weekend vibe and turn your boring Sundays into a workaholic vibe depending on your likes and dislikes. A wise man once said that never let your work feel like an obligation but always fun to do and remote working helps you keep it that way. 


Break the four walls: Anybody who thinks work means being between four walls what they call an office never saw what the world has to offer them. Online working lets you decide where you want to work any given day. Remote working is all about breaking the basic style of working and offering you something you haven’t experienced.  The purpose of any job is to get the work done and never about where you do it from. So sit back and relax in your comfort place and enjoy your job rather than feeling like it's a tedious task.


Advantage of the currency difference: Being a part of a constantly moving and growing country we all have found ourselves under constant competition. Aiming to meet a rich lifestyle while balancing out a healthy mental state has always been a task for many. Over the years we all have seen our colleagues take that extra step and move out of the country to earn extra benefit and make a living of their own. But with remote jobs you don’t have to go anywhere to bring in that extra benefit. You can stay online and scout for relevant job availability in any part of the world and apply for it with remote working. You can earn in different currencies on the basis of jobs you select and which part of the world the company is based in. You don’t have to travel across for opportunities but have access to it on your fingertips. Serve the curiosity of what opportunities await you at Gorewo


Equal opportunities and more: Being a fresher scouting for jobs can be a never ending task. Experience plays a huge role for bagging any good job and for freshers internship is the first step to bag some experience. But with remote working there’s a wide range of job openings for freshers and campus placements. You can have a fair chance to test your knowledge and skills with the organisation you choose to work with by making complete use of the opportunities online. Fresher or a full timer, you get to take complete command of your career choices.


Employers perks with Remote Working


Productivity at its peak: It’s needless to state that any creature is happy outside the cage. Although it’s a debatable conversation for most organisations if they will achieve 100% productivity from their employees, the answer is yes. Remote working gives the employees the comfort and the space they seek which in return makes them want to walk that extra mile for their job. Remote jobs offer flexibility with time and space that makes people appreciate their job rather than treating it as an obligation. And it's highly observed and a known fact that no employee is as loyal and dedicated as the one who is happy and satisfied. Hence worrying about productivity stays out of question.


Ideal for all types of business: It’s not just ideal for huge organisations but equally efficient and suitable for small businesses to opt for remote working. Remote jobs prove to be cost effective for any growing business as it saves cost per employee and helps save a huge cost annually. The organisations will see a fair decrease in the budget spent when it saves up rent for the office and its furniture. 




Building communication: The root of any business growth is a strong communication. There can’t be any loops since it's the pocket that takes the hit. Remote working ensures a strong communicational support between the team since everybody connects virtually. A strong communication is the base for remote working. Hence for any growing or a full grown organisation it’s a sense of relief to have a seamless communication flowing.

Improved Employee Retention: Any small business cannot afford employees quitting frequently and hiring processes can always be ticking. Remote jobs give the employee the flexibility they seek to run chores and office work giving them less reasons to quit the job or find something that is better suitable for them. A happy employee is an equally important asset to any organisation as much as profit making is. A set of trusted employees make no less than a second family at work and it always proves to be fruitful for any organisation. 


Hiring made easy: Hiring can seem to be an endless task for any organisation. From filtering out relevant applications to rescheduling meetings with multiple candidates the process can really test patience of the company. One of the biggest highlights Gorewo bring for the organisations is that we take complete charge of the remote hiring process. We strive to bring the most relevant set of candidates for you to choose from so you can save your time and energy into expanding your business. 


So although it’s a debatable way of work, it proves to be worth breaking the barriers of traditional work culture. Remote working brings new opportunities to the table for everybody and it ensures the comfort and benefit for both employees and employers. Working online for living can sound absurd after being raised in the office work culture but our generation and the coming generation is all about doing and living unconventionally. Break the stagnancy that comes with the 9-5, see the world beyond the four walls of the office, enjoy wearing Pjs while you work on the most important deal and let your soul breathe in peace when you work. Work is supposed to be enjoyed and not cursed. 

Hope this article helped you understand what remote working culture is and helped you decide if you wish to try it. Do make sure to click here to see what Gorewo has in store for you.