Remote work is our new home especially post COVID-19. While doing remote work, we must be very cautious regarding our well-being. Remote work has become just like the signature of people. In each and every family, 2 out of 3 people are doing work remotely. They want to consistently deal with various issues and hurdles in order to complete the remote work. But in the process of doing remote work, they usually feel lonely and some continue to remain in solitude. People have to battle against loneliness in order to save them from any further danger like depression. 

 People face many challenges while doing the remote work. While these challenges are important for motivation as a remote worker, but more stress means more lonely feeling. One has to be prepared to overcome such problems like loneliness, depression, etc. One should be engaged and divert their minds to avoid a stressful life. It is not only important to focus on your work hours but you should also consider regarding your well-being. Gorewo helps you to focus both on your career as well as your wellbeing.


Explore the positivity of Virtual Mode:

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, people usually meet face to face in physical and conventional mode. At that time, virtual mode of conducting meetings is not much. Less number of people were working remotely or conducting virtual meetings before the COVID-19 pandemic. The system of remote work and virtual meetings was not there. But fast forward and see the difference in post COVID-19 pandemic, almost more than 70% of the employees prefer to work remotely. Many companies now-a-days offer their employees with many ways to tackle their problems to fight against solitude and they will not end up in loneliness.

Although these ways don’t wind up the problems completely but they act as a way to somehow eliminate the problems partially. Previously, people were engaged themselves in face-to-face conversations with people. But now, the scenario has completely changed and people have confined themselves in their homes without having any social interaction. Though the pandemic has restricted people to isolate themselves but mental isolation is more stressful than physical isolation. In the current situation, while doing remote work, one should always take out some time to communicate with others in virtual mode to give mental peace. During the pandemic, social distancing was an important and prior issue. To avoid it, one should at least hang with friends and family in virtual mode. The employees should consider the opportunities that are made available to them by their firm for their well-being. They should always try to connect with their teams not just for work but also for spending time too. 


Proper use of Video Conferencing:

 In the remote world, everyone is using the virtual mode of communication and some even consider the virtual mode as a fatigue. People get frustrated with the remote work sitting in front of the PC all the time alone and focusing only on work. But in USA, many people consider the remote work as a good substitute of communication than in person contact. The most important advantage of the video calls and video conferencing is that it removes your stress by bringing all your friends and colleagues in your computer screen and thus it helps you to battle against solitude. Organizing and attending virtual meetings creates and enhances your social connection. 


Make you remote work interesting:

 Remote workers have the opportunity to feel the experience and atmosphere of both home and office. They should take advantage of the opportunities defined and they should always try to spend some quality time in order to avoid the hectic things in life. Try to change your lifestyle or explore some options to engage yourself into something. Keep yourself tuned in some activities just like playing, exercising, reading good books in order to remain stress free. 

If you stay with your family and still you are feeling lonely, then take a break and spend some quality time with the family. Don’t just stay glued to your computer and enjoy some magical moments with your family. 


Increase Social Connections, Stay Peacefully:

          While doing remote work, you should always remember that with being socially connected with each other, you are acting just like a machine and you lost your identity as a human. You should always try to do every work smartly without any other interference but at the same time you should always practice self-care by having good food with your loved ones, perform exercise, go for outing with your family in order to avoid your solitude feeling. 


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