If you are reading this article, you are either thinking about work from home lifestyle, or you are interested in learning how to find a better remote position or platform. Either way, I will help you in your journey through this article.

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Remote Worker Grant Program, launched by US state, Vermont, paying about 100 people $10,000 each over two years to cover expenses for moving to the state and working remotely. These include the cost of relocation, broadband access or upgrade, membership in a co-working space, computer software or hardware. A bill introduced by Governor Charles D. Baker includes a tax credit of up to $2,000 per employee for companies that supports those who work from home. 

Remote work

If you apply for remote jobs without fully knowing what a work from home position really wants, you might face some challenges, and quit within the first week when it doesn’t meet your expectations. Only you can decide if work from home is right for you. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about remote work. Let’s start with one of the famous myths about work from home.

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Myth: Remote jobs don’t pay very well

The pay range or salary all depends on what type of job it is and your experience or education related to that position. Some organizations pay a dollar or two less to their remote employees than they pay their in-office employees. So avoid working for those companies and focus on companies who at least pay the average amount for your work.

Here are some remote work jobs with good salaries:

1.Move Manager

If you are a master of coordinating a move and planning a new home setup, this is the best remote job for you. Clients may need advice on selecting the furniture, artwork, and household goods that will fit well in the new home. And here comes the role of a Move Manager. You can help them decide what can be sold, donated, or given to friends. You may even be in charge of making suggestions for new furniture for their new home. 

Pay Range= from $30 per hour to $75+

Qualifications= Knowledge of interior design. Contact the National Association of Senior Move Managers for more information on courses and certifications.

2. Graphic Designer

Designing a letterhead, business cards, and logos for local businesses, creating marketing brochures, attractive websites, and email marketing is the job of a Graphic Designer. And the amazing fact is that most of the design work can be done via a home computer. A designer might be employed with a variety of industry firms to develop publicity, advertising materials for the company. Many graphic designers are independently working from home on a per-project basis.

Pay range= Annual salary of $32,000 to $62,000

Qualifications= One must be at ease with manipulating computer graphics and design software and must know the programs used in animated graphics. You must be able to execute graphic design requests. 

Tips= A go-to resource for career information is the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the extensive job board on the One Club site. Some remote graphic design job titles include Illustrator, Designer, Layout Manager.


3. Editor Strategist

If you have expertise in copyediting, proofreading to resume writing, technical editing, that’s all the matter for opening doors. You can set up your own business to provide these resume and essay turning services. Many US-based organizations, community newsletters and other regional publications provide remote job opportunities. Here are some of them:


Company NameCityJobs 
AquentBostonWriter, Editor
BraftonBostonB2B Tech Writer, Editorial Content Manager
BuzzfeedNew York Health Editor, Shopping and Products Editor
Coinbase American CompanySenior Content Strategist, Content Strategist
DotdashNew York City, USBeauty Content Update Editor, Content Update Editor
EBSCO IndustriesBirmingham, Alabama, USA Content Development Editor, EBSCO Health, Associate Editor
International Business TimesNew YorkManaging Editor, Finance Managing Editor


Qualifications= For this job, no formal training is required. Employers often look for expertise in various fields like healthcare, taxes, resume writing etc. 


4. Financial Manager

The role in this post may be accountant, tax expert, cashier, directing investment activities, producing financial reports, processing payroll checks, managing invoices, and accounts receivable. 

Like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, large tax firms hire thousands of tax preparers annually to join the team. Financial Institutions like Ally Financial, Citi, and Wells Fargo also recruit for remote accounting and finance jobs. Companies that provide job opportunities in the field of Finance are given below:


Company NameJobs 

Risk Management Specialist

Financial Services Customer Specialist

Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Accounts Payable Specialist

Revenue Accountant

Citizens Bank

Risk Monitoring Analyst

Contact Center Customer Service Representative


Accounts Payable Specialist

Property Tax Administrator


Corporate Tax Manager

Associate Accountant


5. Financial Planner

Today there is a great demand for experts who can help people manage their money, especially older adults. A good planner can advise on an overall financial plan that will suggest allocating assets and determining if someone has the right blend to meet their specific goals.

Pay Range= $120 to $300 per hour

Qualifications= an adviser should have the Certified Financial Planner designation awarded by the nonprofit Certified Financial adviser. 


6. Website Designer

A web designer creates and develops codes for web pages and related applications for individuals, companies, and other organizations. One may be hired to design the websites and develop user-friendly, seamless interfaces for employees and customers. In some posts, one may be the in-charge of keeping the website up to date regularly. Dramatic changes in technology require the web designer to constantly stay abreast of the latest technology-related versions. The job might monitor website traffic, answer comments, update content, and fix broken links.

Pay Range= Web Designer salary is $49,636, it can range above $74,000

Qualifications= One should be familiar with some programming languages like SQL, Python, Java, R etc. 


7. Software Engineer

Software engineers code, design, and develop applications. As the scope of smartphones increases day by day, the need for software engineers also increases. Cybersecurity is also a growing field. Security software plays a crucial part for businesses focused to guard their computer networks. 

Pay Range= $65,000 to $125,000 annually


= Experience in software development and engineering is a must. One must be a graduate

software engineering or mathematics. Software engineers should know the industry in which they work.



Some companies for remote Software Engineer are given below:


Company NameRecent openings

Software Development Manager

Software Development Engineer

Front End Developer


Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Development Engineer


Software Engineer – Enterprise Infrastructure

Senior Software Engineer


Senior C# Software Engineer

Node React Startup Software Engineer


Senior Java Software Developer

Analytics Senior Software Developer

Data Scientist



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